Friday, January 12

Heavens Door

Heavens Door

I can't be fooled no more
there is no heavens door
and now I know the score
religion is just lore.

Take Jesus, he’s a ruse
for him, I have no use
religion's just a noose
from which I've wiggled loose.

I can't be bothered now
to go to church no how
I don't keep any vows
but prayer’s are still allowed.

I won't be fooled this day
my sins fall where they may
and heavy though they weigh
religion just betrays.

© PissedOfPoetess 2014

Nope, I don't believe in God and I consider the Bible a great work; of fiction, written by men. We don't see our loved ones in another place when we pass (a nice thought anyway,) so make your peace and the most out of this time around.