Wednesday, September 9

Toxic Summer Neighborhood

Toxic Summer Neighborhood

This is a toxic neighborhood of horror
like one of those movies
you can't get outta it
'cause I can't get outta it.

Sitting on my patio
cooler than a catio
kid's they start to scream
ruining the whole scene.

I'm not huffin'
and I got no coke
this neighborhood is fucked
and it ain't no joke!

Trying to smoke some weed
relaxing to succeed
having one short summer
when all turns to bummer.

© PissedOfPoetess 2015

Thursday, September 3

Face In The Dirt

Face In The Dirt

Rotting within
toxic to hold
so much to say
already been told
already been said
with no one to hear
losing all touch
and full of fear.

Already lost face
shedding my skin
wrinkles and sagging
rotting within
no one to listen
lies that won't die
rights that wrong
tears from these eyes.

When no one wants you
everything hurts
when no one needs you
face in the dirt.

© PissedOfPoetess2015

Tuesday, September 1



Yes the world always
shrugs me off,
like a second thought
and here I come
playing catch up.

Once I do...
connect and get comfy.
There it goes again.
Too tired to continue
this game of tag.

I'm the invisible one.
I'm not really here
just taking up space
until it's time
don't look at me.
Just leave me alone
I didn't say anything.

It's not my fault!
I caught up again.
Nowhere to go now
because I trusted
I believed...

I believed in you!
I hate you all!
it's come to this!


© PissedOffPoetess2015