Friday, August 28

Last Friday Before September

Last Friday Before September

Today is Friday a special day
the 5th day of the week
the day before the weekend, see?
The weekends don't mean much to me.

When you can't work
the week don't count
all Friday means, time's running out
I'm losing all I cared about.

September first my insurance ends
I lose my doctor and my meds
my teeth are rotting outta my head
I'm going to end up homeless instead.

I'm tired and want to go to sleep
this worry never gives me peace
I wouldn't lie in bed in dread
and I would be so happy dead.

I wouldn't care what ails my head.

© PissedOffPoetess2015

Thursday, August 27

Should Have Used The Coat Hanger

Should Have Used The Coat Hanger

An unwanted child
has to live a life
too long a life
ignored and unloved.
Behold the first grandchild
told you're special and loved
until the next baby.
So how is that love?

We're told to work hard
and we will do fine
but I stumbled and fell
down on my luck
told I'm lazy
no hand of kindness felt
unwanted and worse
by them all.

Had to live this life
a lonely, long life
and I'm not done.
I can take not being loved
but unwanted and always left out
it's like being dead before I'm buried.
So why is it so wrong to want real death?

I did nothing wrong by opening my eyes
I was a baby I had no choice
but I can do nothing right in their eyes.
Should have used the coat hanger mom.

© PissedOffPoetess2014

I never published this while my mom was alive I sent her a few poems of mine but she took them wrong and by that I mean in a negative way while I meant nothing but love. She never read a thing I wrote or cared that I was alive and an only daughter. She was one of the reasons I had no children. She was a mean woman who didn't call me for 9 years held grudges for no reason and taught nothing but hate to my only brother whose family treats me like I'm dead.

Why Do It?

I call myself One Pissed Off Poetess on this blog it's not my real name but I hope you already realized that.

Who am I? I'm a real nowhere girl just trying to be somewhere. Maybe the right time at the right place? Wish I the meantime I have mood swings and it's better to just "get it out" don't you think?

I'm more woman than girl now, single for 15 years and in the prime of my life finding that life at retirement age is a total bummer in this economy. Everyone has someone or somewhere and I'm tired of being alone. I've never had a home of my own I'm tired of being broke and looked at as over the hill job and life wise. ~sigh~ Now would be a good time to die and I'm not kidding.

I like to time travel with my moods and sometimes get in a mood because it reminded me of another mood. I use positive reinforcements to fight my moods all of the time only to have my moods beat them back down into pulp and dance all over them-happy to be back.

I read somewhere that you can be arrested for things that you wrote in certain moods if they came true because they could be used against you. Surely my strange imagination can't get me jailed? Hee hee!

Everything I write is fiction, for self therapy and frame of mind to improve myself. No person, thing, creature or animal I write about is real. I use writing instead of drugs or real therapy and for me it works.

If you believe any of my malarky then you deserve what you get. Whatever that is.

Please don't copy or use my work you wouldn't want to!